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Pearl Jam Shares Full Version of ‘Quick Escape’

Last week, the band shared a snippet of the song

After sharing a teaser of the song last week, Pearl Jam has dropped the full version of “Quick Escape.” It’s the third song from Gigaton to get a full release.

The song, which is around five minutes long, is a heavy rocker and has a distinct classic rock feel. The music was written by bassist Jeff Ament and Eddie Vedder’s lyrics tackle environmental issues.

In our review of Gigaton, we described the song as “It’s got a big Led Zeppelin intro and a soaring Seattle grunge chorus. The music was written by bassist Jeff Ament and Vedder’s lyrics take a more sophisticated approach to political commentary.”

Earlier in the week, Pearl Jam shared a hotline where fans can get an early listen to the album.

Gigaton is out on March 27.

Listen to the full version of “Quick Escape” below:

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