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Donald Glover Officially Unveils His Latest Childish Gambino Album 3.15.20

So that’s what that was all about.

Donald Glover has officially dropped 3.15.20, his latest Childish Gambino album that showed up for a limited time on his Donald Glover Presents website.

The release is the same, but we have a few more details to share. Firstly, if you want to listen to it in a continuous way, you go to the above site. Otherwise, you can go here to access it via streamers. It’s our via Wolf + Rothstein/RCA.

As we wrote last week (sans album title), 3.15.20 contains 12 tracks with appearances by Ariana Grande, 21 Savage and Khadja Bonet.

Check out the full tracklisting below:

01 0.00
02 Algorhythm
03 Time
04 12.38
05 19.10
06 24.19
07 32.22
08 35.31
09 39.28
10 42.26
11 47.48
12 53.49