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Coldplay Go Back to School in ‘Champion of The World’ Video

Coldplay Chris Martin

Following the release of their romantic “Cry Cry Cry” video, Coldplay are continuing the cinematic theme with another visual that will take you back to elementary school.

In “Champion of The World,” Chris Martin plays a little boy with big dreams of outer space but is clearly picked on during recess. Directed by Cloé Bailly, the Los Angeles-based video will make you feel for Martin’s character and may even bring back some of your childhood memories.

“The video is about this magic power that kids have to switch off from reality and jump into their own world,” Bailly said in a statement.

“Champion of The World” is the latest single off 2019’s Everyday Life. Acoustic versions of this song, “Cry Cry Cry” and “BrokEn” will be part of the band’s new EP/short film, Coldplay Reimagined, which will be released on Apple Music this week.

Learn more about the new project here.