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Here’s Rivers Cuomo Performing at an Andrew Yang Rally in Iowa

Andrew Yang is currently traveling the country, campaigning against Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and others in hopes of being the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election. On Friday afternoon (November 1), Yang brought his tactics to Des Moines, Iowa, where he hosted Yangapalooza!—an impromptu festival-inspired campaign rally where he was joined by just about the only musician you might expect to be a Yang supporter: Rivers Cuomo. The frontman celebrated all things “Yang Gang” with songs from his Weezer catalog, as well as few covers.

Joined by Weezer bassist Scott Shriner and a drummer, Cuomo opened the rainy outdoor set with the Blue Album classic “Buddy Holly.” The songwriter also performed stripped-down acoustic renditions of his songs “Beverly Hills,” “Island in the Sun,” and “Undone – The Sweater Song,” as well as covers of TLC’s “No Scrubs,” A-ha’s “Take On Me,” and of course Toto’s “Africa,” all of which Weezer recorded for this year’s surprise Teal Album.

Yang eventually came on stage for “Say It Ain’t So,” where he joined the band in singing the final chorus. “You don’t look like the f*cking internet to me,” Yang said, dancing around on stage with the group. Cuomo, however, has not explicitly endorsed Yang’s campaign and remained fairly close-mouthed during the set. At one point, he shouted “Yang gang in the house,” but otherwise kept praise for the Democratic hopeful to a minimum.

Watch video footage of the performance below.