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Kid Cudi Says He Wasn’t Drunk, Just “Trippin Balls” in Viral MGMT Coachella Video

Kid Cudi seems like he had a pretty good time at Coachella. The Kids See Ghosts rapper was caught on video at the California festival dancing on stage with MGMT—red Solo cup in hand, beaming smile on his face—as the band played their 2007 hit “Electric Feel.” Video of his ridiculous dancing of course went viral on Twitter, but now, Cudi says that it wasn’t just alcohol and good vibes in his system, and that he was actually “trippin balls” on acid at the time the video was captured.

“I don’t know if I ever told yall this but, this was right when the acid started kickin in and I couldn’t help myself,” he wrote on Twitter Friday afternoon. “So no I wouldn’t say I was drunk just trippin balls…My face was melting and I felt so fuckin free!!”

Elsewhere at the festival, Cudi brought out Kanye West to join him in performing their Kids See Ghosts songs “Reborn” and “Ghost Town.” Last month, it was announced that Cudi will have a “significant role” in the new Bill & Ted movie. Cudi’s most recent solo album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ dropped back in 2016 with guest appearances from Pharrell Williams, André 3000, Travis Scott, and Willow Smith. Watch video footage of his Coachella dancing below.