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Ty Segall Announces New Album First Taste, Releases “Taste”

Ty Segall Announces New Album 'Taste,' Releases Single "First Taste"

The ever prolific Ty Segall has a new album, First Taste, coming out on August 2. Segall has released the lead single from the forthcoming album, aptly titled “Taste.” The song comes complete with a video directed by Josh Erkman, which features Segall embarking on a bloody killing spree, mowing down collaborators Mikal Cronin and Charles Moothart, aka two key players in Segall’s Freedom Band. “All members of the Freedom Band were murdered during the making of this video,” reads a chyron at the end of the video. “Except for Ben,” referring to keyboard player Ben Boyle. RIP, everyone else.

Check out the video for “Taste” below.

Here’s the track listing for First Taste:

1. Taste
2. Whatever
3. Ice Plant
4. The Fall
5. I Worship The Dog
6. The Arms
7. When I Met My Parents (Part 1)
8. I Sing Them
9. When I Met My Parents (Part 3)
10. Radio
11. Self Esteem
12. Lone Cowboys

Seagall and the Freedom Band are also hitting the road in July to play a series of full album shows in residencies set in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Paris, and more.