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Unreleased Childish Gambino Song “Algorythm” Featured in AR App

Remember when Childish Gambino was retiring? God, those were the days. Instead, Donald Glover has seemingly doubled-down on his music alter ego, performing at Coachella and launching a mediocre movie, Guava Island, that co-starred Rihanna.

A couple months ago, Glover dipped his toes in the augmented reality waters with his own Google Pixel animated avatar that would dance for you whenever you wanted it to. Today, he’s released a new app called PHAROS AR for Android and iOS devices that’s being called “the world’s first cross-platform, multiplayer AR music experience,” per this Billboard article.

The AR app is centered around a recorded version of his track “Algorythm,” which he’s been playing live on his This Is America tour but which hasn’t been officially released. In order to listen to it, you have to engage with the app and explore a virtual space.

The app can be downloaded here for Android and here for iOS.

A version of this article originally appeared on Stereogum.