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David Crosby Wants to Know What Vampire Weekend Is

It should probably come as no surprise that David Crosby, our favorite irascible aging rock star, doesn’t know the popular millennial band Vampire Weekend. After all, he didn’t know who the lead singer of a very famous and influential indie rock band, which has been around for several decades, was even after performing a song with him, and Croz stans know his stance on Titus Andronicus. Still, it was wonderful to see him unwittingly admit as much to VW’s lead singer during a lightning round of #AskCroz on Twitter last night:

Sure, he may really not give a fuck about an Oxford comma, but you know my man is roasting some Alabama Shakes jams:

Wilco? Fuhget about it!

Greta Van Fleet, our modern-day classic rock saviors? Jury’s still out:

Call him out of touch, but perhaps we could learn a lot from our mustachioed, beanie-wearing rock’n’roll elders: