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David Crosby on Titus Andronicus: “I Prefer Music”

<> at The Theatre At Ace Hotel on April 5, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

Here at Spin, we are devoted followers of David Crosby‘s Twitter feed, where the loquacious folk-rock elder answers questions from fans and relieves his seemingly unquenchable thirst for shitting on fellow musicians, whether they be deceased contemporaries like Jim Morrison or celebrated descendants like Fleet Foxes. For whatever reason, this afternoon, someone linked Croz to a Titus Andronicus video and asked him for his opinion on the band. Croz?

We already know the man’s opinion on punk rock in general (“Pretty much all dumb stuff…no musical value”) and on Titus forebears like Hüsker Dü (“Didn’t get me”), so it’s not really a surprise that “A More Perfect Union” didn’t do it for him. Whatever your own thoughts on the New Jersey punks, that’s a pretty good burn. Read our September interview with Crosby here.