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Lady Gaga Says She Still Supports Katy Perry Despite “Old Texts” About Dr. Luke

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A range of substantial documents were filed Thursday in Dr. Luke‘s ongoing defamation suit against Kesha, including the full transcript of Katy Perry‘s previously sealed deposition, in which she denies being raped by Dr. Luke, as was alleged in text messages between Kesha and Lady Gaga and in Gaga’s own deposition. In the transcript reported by The Blast, Luke’s attorney, who questioned Perry, characterizes Kesha and Gaga’s text conversation as “suggesting that you’re not as strong to stand up to him,” to which Perry responds, “They think I was raped and I was not.” Perry also suggests she stopped working with Luke to avoid criticism. Today, Gaga addressed the newly publicized texts on Twitter and made clear that, Luke allegations aside, she loves and respects Perry.

“@katyperry & I have grown up in the industry together. We’ve gone through both celebrations & differences w/ each other,” Gaga wrote. “These are old texts. We’ve matured, gotten over the past, love each other & share deep respect. Katy is my friend and is truly a kind soul. End of story.” Perry replied to the tweet, “Love you too friend … Onward and upward.”

The exchange is perhaps the only resolution reached as a result of the latest developments in the case. Both Luke and Kesha’s legal teams have filed summary judgments and thousands of pages of exhibits, likely inching the four-year-old legal battle closer to a jury trial. Luke’s side continues to claim that actions and statements by Kesha, including her text to Gaga, as well as by Kesha’s attorneys, mother, and the fan who started the “Free Kesha” movement on social media constitute defamation. Kesha’s side denies liability and continues to affirm the singer’s claim that she was raped by Luke.

You can read Luke’s summary judgment here and Kesha’s summary judgment here.