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El-P Calls Out Spotify for Not Protecting Artists Against Fraud

AUSTIN, TX - MARCH 16: El-P (L) and Killer Mike of Run the Jewels perform at the Spotify House on Day Four of SXSW Film-Interactive-Music on March 16, 2015 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Run the Jewels rapper and producer El-P is calling out Spotify for what he alleges to be a lack of protection against fraud on the platform. The musician recently took to Twitter to respond to a fan who noticed that music from another artist had been included on the El-P artist page.

“No matter how many times I pay my lawyer to take them down, Spotify just doesn’t care enough to not let other people upload songs to my page or my albums, that I own to theirs,” he writes. “What I mean is I regularly have to send take down notices not only for people using my name for their music and it appearing on my artist page but for people uploading my albums to their page and assumedly having my money diverted to them until we catch it,” he notes in another followup tweet.

The musician also pointed out that even after getting “payed a pittance” on Spotify, he also has to cover legal fees just to monitor what gets sold in his name through their service. “For those that don’t know, the rules Spotify have set forth are as follows: if someone uploads music in your name to your page or your music to theirs fraudulently your only recourse is to issue a takedown by a lawyer,” he writes. “Spotify doesn’t help. This happens to me almost monthly.”

In the same series of tweets, he later pointed out that he doesn’t have the same issue with Apple Music. “Apple has a relationship with the owners of the music and a more secure process on how to deliver your content,” he writes. “Sometimes stuff slips through the cracks, but it’s nothing like Spotify.” See his remarks below.