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Cardi B Endorses Cynthia Nixon

Cardi B Votes for Cynthia Nixon, Jumaane Williams in New York Primaries

A few hours before polls in New York are scheduled to close, Cardi B endorsed progressive challengers Cynthia Nixon and Jumaane Williams in the Democratic primary races for governor and lieutenant governor. Cardi posted a photo of Nixon and Williams to Instagram and urged her followers to “VOTE NOW!!!!!”

Though the post is nice in its own right, it also perhaps carries a bit of venom. Yesterday, in a move that puzzled many of her fans, Nicki Minaj endorsed Nixon’s opponent, Andrew Cuomo. This probably wasn’t the impetus for the rapper’s Cardi’s endorsement—as a recent GQ profile revealed, she’s a big fan of FDR and the social safety net programs created under the New Deal—but it’s hard not to think about the possibility that the Democratic primary for governor of New York has now turned into a proxy war being waged by two recently beefing rappers. Cardi, for what it’s worth, is a registered voter in New York, where Minaj does not appear to be.

In any case, Nixon is stoked on the endorsement and shared Cardi B’s post on Twitter.

Cardi B joins El-P and T.I. as rappers who voiced support for Nixon.