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Former Trump Lawyer Seen Rocking Out to DC “Scum Punk” Band Copstabber

Ty Cobb at Copstabber Show in DC

Former Trump White House special counsel/turn of the century carnival barker Ty Cobb was seen wilding out to the “scum punk” band Copstabber in DC on Saturday night. According to the Washington Post, photographer Chris Suspect was at “punk/metal venue Slash Run” when Cobb and friends wandered in from a nearby wedding on a mission to keep the party going.

Cobb, best known for defending President Trump in the Russia probe before resigning in May, apparently wilded the fuck out. You can view photos of Cobb raging here. From Washington Post:

Cobb, Suspect said, stayed seated while others in his group danced, “but he was definitely rocking out — he had his hands in the air.” One particular number the former Russia-probe defender seemed to enjoy? A song titled “I Like Cocaine.”

Copstabber singer Dave Poole seemed to enjoy his new fan. “I threw beer on him, called him ‘whiskers,’ got a high five from him,” he wrote on Suspect’s Facebook page. “I just thought he was an old wildman but it turns out he is a RICH old wildman!”

A glance at Copstabber’s Bandcamp page reveals songs with titles like “Fuck School, Stay in Drugs,” “Your Mom Called,” “Dick Farmer,” and “I Love Being a Scumbag.” Honestly, “Living to Die” sounds like it could be the title of a GG Allin song.

According to Suspect’s Facebook page, Cobb contributed to the performance with a little air guitar. It’s nice to see this reanimated Confederate general enjoying himself after several grueling months trying to defend his unruly former boss—but then, we probably should have suspected Cobb was a wild man at heart when he was overheard at a D.C. steakhouse in September 2017 discussing details pertaining to the Mueller investigation within earshot of a New York Times reporter.