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Torres – “Gracious Day”

Earlier this year, Torres faced some label turmoil when 4AD – the label that released her excellent Three Futures last year – dropped her due to what she stated was a lack of commercial success.  She’s moved as far as possible from her increasingly polished, assertive studio albums on new song “Gracious Day,” uploaded to Bandcamp today. A lo-fi home recording closer to Daniel Johnson than St. Vincent, “Gracious Day” begins with a voicemail recording before transitioning to Torres, barely picking at her guitar, begging a lover to embrace being in a relationship: “I don’t want you going home anymore, I want you coming home.” For someone whose previous album was notable for its aggressive sexuality (the opening line of “Righteous Woman” is ” I am not a righteous woman/I’m more of an ass man“) this song is surprisingly raw and emotional, and would be no matter how it was recorded.

Stream it below.