LAPD Breaks Up XXXTentacion Memorial Gathering with Rubber Bullets, Pepper Spray

XXXTentacion Memorial Broken Up By Cops

A spontaneous memorial for XXXTentacion in Los Angeles was broken up by police on Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Times reports. An estimated 1,000 people gathered on Melrose Avenue to mourn the rapper, who had been killed in a shooting near Miami on Monday. The event was reportedly organized by Adam Grandmaison of the No Jumper podcast/YouTube channel, who recorded an infamous interview with the rapper in 2016 in which XXXTentacion talks at length about attacking a gay inmate while in prison.

The crowd eventually became rowdy during the impromptu memorial, with people reportedly moshing, climbing atop a local news van, and jumping off rooftops onto the crowd. That’s when police arrived to shut down the event, which was operating without a permit. From KABC:

When the crowd appeared to be getting more rowdy, officers dressed in riot gear began moving in and fired pepper balls and rubber bullets to disperse the group. Police said items, such as rocks, were being thrown at them.

“I don’t know how they can just bring out the cops. We’re just people trying to like remember their favorite artist because people really impact other people by their music. This is how people get through things,” another fan said.

No arrests were made.

Video of the memorial was shared across social media with one fan captioning his Snapchat video as taking place “before swat team threw tear gas at us.”


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