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David Chase Is Making a Sopranos Prequel Movie

Are you prepared to revel in The Sopranos extended universe? David Chase, the reticent creator of the HBO series–otherwise known as the probable greatest television drama of all time–has reportedly signed onto co-write and produce a film prequel to the show, entitled The Many Saints Of Newark. You might reasonably ask: “How?” Instead of some kind of origin story for Tony Soprano’s criminal enterprise just prior to the events of the series, Chase will be tracing the show’s mythology back to the 1960s. According to Deadline, the New-Line-produced film will involved “some of the beloved characters” from the show.

The script apparently circulates around the Newark riots if 1967, when there was a great deal of racial tension and crime in the New Jersey city. As you may recall from the show, this was the world of Tony and Janice’s mythic father “Johnny Boy,” seen in flashbacks during the series, as well as more iconic characters from the show–his older brother Junior and wife Livia, most crucially. Paulie Gualtieri was Johnny Boy’s close friend and co-conspirator, and Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero, and later, Silvio Dante were also part of Johnny’s crew. There’s not yet been any confirmation as to whether any of these characters will factor into the new movie.

Only last year, Chase told Entertainment Weekly: “I could conceive of maybe a prequel of The Sopranos,” he said. “I could never see [a return of the show] except as a prequel.”