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Marisa Abela Hones Amy Winehouse’s Iconic Spirit in the Upcoming Biopic, Back to Black

Marisa Abela stars as Amy Winehouse in director Sam Taylor-Johnson's BACK TO BLACK, a Focus Features release. (Credit : Courtesy of Dean Rogers/Focus Features)

It’s common knowledge that Amy Winehouse was more than just a singer. She was the embodiment of raw talent and personal fortitude – a consistent showcase of authenticity and originality on every level. Her lyrics and sound, an amalgamation of eclectic musical inspirations, were laced with profundity and refreshing honesty, and they flawlessly echoed her distinctive character. 

Winehouse’s true legacy will not for a moment be forgotten, and the forthcoming biopic Back to Black – aptly titled after Amy’s history-making album of the same name – will further ensure this certitude. 

Directed by visionary Sam Taylor-Johnson, Back to Black will delve into the depths of Amy’s journey, celebrating her remarkable contributions to music and shedding light on the many endearing complexities of her soul.

Marisa Abela’s portrayal of the legendary songstress is mesmerizing, and viewers will be glued to her every move as she channels Winehouse’s indomitable expressiveness on the big screen, tapping into the intense charisma that came to define both her music and her humanity. 

From Amy’s fierce individualism to her deep vulnerability and even her lightning-like wit, Abela proves in this sage performance that she’s not merely acting – she’s endeavoring to feel the gamut of emotions Amy, too, once felt.

Celebrate the life and legacy of Amy Winehouse and get your tickets now for the motion picture event, Back To Black, at, only in theaters starting May 17.