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A 12-Year-Old Girl Is Not The Right Person To Interview Roy Moore

Roy Moore interviewed by 12-year-old Millie Marsh

Just two days ahead of the December 12, special election for the open Alabama Senate seat, the Pro-Trump super PAC America First Project released a video of GOP candidate Roy Moore sitting down for an interview with 12-year-old Millie March. For the uninitiated, March is a conservative tween who went viral in February after the PAC released a video of her at CPAC parroting then-candidate Trump’s campaign lines about building a wall on the Mexican border. Moore, of course, is a former judge who was rumored to have been banned from the Gadsden Mall in Alabama in the early ’80s because of his allegedly inappropriate behavior towards the high school-aged girls who worked there. Most reasonable people would probably agree that this pairing of interview and subject was misguided.

“We decided that we were going to bring Millie to Alabama, after everything that’s happened in this Alabama Senate race up until this point,” America First Project rep Jennifer Lawrence said in the video’s introduction, “to show there is a wide range of people who support Roy Moore.”

The “after everything that’s happened” comment surely includes Washington Post publishing an extensively sourced story detailing several women who said that Moore made advances towards them when they were in high school. One of the women, Leigh Corfman, said that Moore touched her inappropriately when she was 14 and he was an assistant district attorney in his ’30s.  The “wide range of people” comment apparently includes a kid well below the voting age who lives in Virginia.

March didn’t ask about the numerous sexual misconduct against Moore and he certainly didn’t bring it up. Instead, March brought up a topic near and dear to every middle school-aged girl’s heart: Trump’s proposed Mexican border wall. In fact, it’s the first thing she asked about.