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Click Here for More Information About Chris Martin’s Appearance on Modern Family

Yesterday evening, Coldplay‘s Chris Martin was the toast of the scripted-half-hour-comedy world for a night, appearing as himself on what one might fairly characterize as one of the more Chris Martin-y shows currently (still) on television, ABC’s Modern Family. I don’t mean to thoughtlessly equate “Chris Martin” and “basic” or anything—that’s a little reductive—but suffice to say, this pairing makes a lot of sense when you see it in practice.

In the episode, Martin does what most pop and rock stars do when they make cameos playing themselves in comedic TV and films: He acts like a caricatured, un-self-aware version of himself. In this case, Martin makes fun of his own typically cornball attire (the short sleeve shirt over the long sleeve shirt habit, for instance), off-handedly flaunts his wealth, and acts so sensitive and empathetic towards others that it gets annoying for everyone around him. He writes a song for the character of Phil Dunphy (“Oh Dunphy, Dunphy, Dunphy/Affordable and comfy, comfy, comfy,” etc.), and, at one point, Martin appears with an icepack to help Phil ice his balls. Madcap, to be sure.

The episode, which is called “Brushes With Celebrities,” also notably features appearances from Terry Bradshaw and Billy Crystal. I’m not sure what to say; the world continues to turn, and here’s another thing in it. Some clips below.