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Daniel Craig Took The Logan Lucky Cast To See Car Seat Headrest

James Bond loves Car Seat Headrest! Some context: Jack Quaid, son of Daniel Quaid and Meg Ryan, is in Steven Soderbergh’s awesome-looking new movie Logan Lucky alongside an all-star cast including Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Hilary Swank, Katie Holmes, and none other than 007 himself, Daniel Craig. When young Jack went on Today to promote the movie this morning, he mentioned that Craig took the rest of the cast out to see “this band” Car Seat Headrest while shooting the film. “They’re my favorite,” Hoda Kotb replied facetiously, surely reigniting Ricky Eat Acid’s disgust. Watch below; Will Toledo’s band comes up about two minutes in.

If Hoda is seeking a tutorial, Car Seat Headrest just released a new song and put on one of the best sets at Lollapalooza.

This article originally appeared in Stereogum.