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Watch Travis Scott “Fly” Across the DAMN. Tour Stage on an Evil Fake Bird

Travis Scott has a new bird, and it really flies this time. The resilient Houston rapper is known for his bombastic stage show, but is clearly trying to up the level of Wagnerian theatricality while touring with Kendrick Lamar on his DAMN. tour. Scott spent part of his set on the tour’s opening night standing on a suspended bird with glowing eyes that looks like it would fly out and peck someone’s face off if they crossed the wrong bridge in a Neverending Story sequel. Scott did not fall, or “fly,” off of it, but this was only the first night of the tour.

Scott previously performed on a different big, fake bird earlier this year at Coachella. However, that bird only flapped its puppeteered wings while perched. Neither bird has sung Brian McKnight. Watch footage of Scott’s new, better bird below via Reddit.