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Who Said It About Jack Antonoff: Lorde or Lena?

Lorde co-produced her new album Melodrama with Jack Antonoff, a.k.a. Bleachers. Antonoff, who is Lena Dunham’s boyfriend of five years, has a very close relationship with his friend and musical peer Lorde. It’s nice to see a set of collaborative friends be so intimately close—so close, in fact, that Lorde and Lena are starting to sound alike. Here we’ve collected a trove of adorable, starry-eyed quotes from Jack’s two leading ladies—with a few telling words redacted for the sake of the game at hand—and created a quiz to see if even the biggest fan of this particularly niche trio could discern who delivered them.

Who said the following about Jack Antonoff: Lena or Lorde? (Answer key with links below.)

Who Said It About Jack Antonoff: Lorde or Lena?
  1. “We met on a blind date.”
  2. “We were at a Grimes show, and he was like, ‘I’ll go get you a drink,’ and sort of disappeared into another room and came back with a can of pineapple juice – which is quite a weird thing to bring someone – handed it to me, then whipped it back and rubbed the top of it and said, ‘Rats crawl over them in the factories.’ [It felt like I] had come home in the nicest possible way, to meet someone like that.”
  3. “Jack truly pushed me to a place I’d never been with [REDACTED]. I couldn’t love him more for it this [REDACTED] freaked & grossed me out at first.”
  4. “He’s a horrible germaphobe. I can’t leave the [REDACTED] and come back in without showering—there are a lot of limitations on what I can do.”
  5. “I just love being with someone who is creative and understands what that process is and understands that mentality. Someone who really understands what it means to do that day in and day out.”
  6. “Jack and I made this in rooms alone, telling secrets and uncovering truths, and I just know that 15-yo me would have been so fucking proud”
  7. “Lot of lovely moments listening to Jack lay down pianos late at night”
  8. “Jack playing guitar at home is emotional abuse 2 me”
  9. @jackantonoff I love you so much and what we have made now ANSWER YOUR DAMN PHONE I’M TRYING TO CALL YOU”
  10. “I’m home doing nothing & my [REDACTED] is on tour working 24/7 & I’m harder to reach than he is.”
  11. “My hero, working on two records right now and always on the damn phone”
  12. “He never dismisses it when I feel I’ve experienced something that was gendered or misogynistic. He never dismisses it or plays devil’s advocate.”
  13. “I really love how private and emotional Jack’s work is—how he’s super-public when he goes on tour or when he’s promoting something, and then he goes back into the hole for three years. That’s really appealing to me. He can be very secretive.”
  14. “This feeling will stay with me for a long time, sitting back to back with my dearest friend on that very important stage.”
  15. “Jack just went to pick me up cold medicine & brought home a Get Well Soon card because ‘in the end, only kindness matters’ -Jewel <3″
  16. “Jack and I know each other so well by this point, we can communicate almost telepathically.”
  17. “[REDACTED] is at Glastonbury & all I can see are sirens in ‘wellies’ & ‘sunnies’ eating ‘biscuits’ & telling him he’s ‘fit'”
  18. “I never get over hearing Jack on the radio”
  19. “Happy birthday to one of the best. So happy to know you and annoy you daily and so thankful to be in a long creative conversation with you about what it means to be alive. Ours is a relationship that will be special and vital for a long time I’m thinking. so many memories all over the world in [REDACTED] and restaurants and at concerts, laughing, crying (me), drinking all of the juices and occasionally disgusting you by walking barefoot through brooklyn.. You make a killer soft boiled egg and you’re so fucking patient and I love all of your weird outfit/haircut/beard phases!!!!”
  20. “‘I ordered a dress to your [REDACTED] don’t panic’ – me to Jack, endless display of professionalism that I am”
  21. “It’s really nice to have somebody who supports and loves you who is connected to every aspect of your life. In the best relationships, you remain yourself. You just have a more pleasant ride of it.”
  22. “We all push each other to be better. And I truly think the music coming out of Jack‘s studio is some of the best of these times. Just wait”

Answers below!

Who Said It About Jack Antonoff: Lorde or Lena?
Answer key:

  1. Lena Dunham
  2. Lorde
  3. Lorde
  4. Lena Dunham
  5. Lena Dunham
  6. Lorde
  7. Lorde
  8. Lena Dunham
  9. Lorde
  10. Lena Dunham
  11. Lorde
  12. Lena Dunham
  13. Lena Dunham
  14. Lorde
  15. Lena Dunham
  16. Lorde
  17. Lena Dunham
  18. Lena Dunham
  19. Lorde
  20. Lorde
  21. Lena Dunham
  22. Lorde