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Lana Del Rey Welcomes Billie Eilish At Coachella

Jon Batiste and Jack Antonoff also guested during Friday night headlining set
Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey performs in Paris in July 2023 (photo:: Kristy Sparow / Getty Images).

Although there was no sign of rumored special guest Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey stunned fans during her Coachella festival headlining set last night (April 12) by welcoming Billie Eilish, Jon Batiste and Jack Antonoff for on-stage collaborations.

Eilish, who earlier this week announced that her next album is arriving on May 17, joined Del Rey on her own “ocean eyes” and the latter’s “Video Games.” The pair performed sitting next to each other on white chairs on an elevated catwalk as water rushed behind them on a huge video screen.

“That’s the voice of your generation … the voice of our generation,” Del Rey said of Eilish. “I’m so fucking grateful she’s standing next to me right now singing my favorite song of hers.” Eilish replied, “Lana is the reason for the existence of half of you bitches, including mine.”

Batiste reprised his appearance playing piano on “Candy Necklace” from Del Rey’s 2023 Grammy-nominated album Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, while that album’s producer, Antonoff, hopped on keys for “Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me To Have — But I Have It.”

Zooming on stage on the back of motorcycle, Del Rey opened the set with “Without You” and “West Coast,” which she hadn’t performed in nine and five years, respectively. She then covered Sublime’s “Doin’ Time” in a nod to the Long Beach natives’ reunion at Coachella with late frontman Bradley Nowell’s son Jakob on vocals.