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Pusha T Says His New Album Is Mostly Produced by Kanye West

Pusha T’s King Push has been teased since 2013, but is still absent four years later. Between releasing King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude in 2015 and becoming the president of G.O.O.D. Music, Pusha has been busy, but the status of his next proper solo album lingers.

To that end, Pusha T gave an update in an interview with Complex saying that the project was a “confident 85″ percent done. He also noted that King Push was now being mainly produced by Kanye West, who has reportedly been holed up in Wyoming working on his new album.

“It’s mostly Kanye West,” Pusha T says. “The beats, I’m telling you, I’m giving you the science. Good beats. Crack.”

Kanye West did produce Pusha T’s best solo song, so the news is welcomed. This is still a switch-up, though: Back in 2013, Pusha T said that he and the Neptunes (who produced the entirety of Clipse’s first two studio albums) were headed to the studio for 20 days and even posted pictures of the sessions. But plans change, life comes at you fast, one half of the Neptunes get kids, and we’re still talking about King Push four years later. Watch the interview below (the King Push comments are at the 2:30 mark).