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Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Goes In on Delta Air Lines

As a rule, it’s not cool to be seen tweeting earnestly at brand accounts. Compliments make you look credulous and overeager; complaints make you look whiny and boorish. Launching a breathless tirade about your dissatisfaction with corporate America while trying to pull rank on an invisible customer service rep who’s forbidden to be mean to you is rude, man!

There is one generally recognized exception to the “don’t tweet at brands” rule: airlines, whose faceless Twitter triage crew have historically been able get results airport staff can’t. Or at least they used to—but like most good things on Twitter, those days might be over. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon learned this the hard way while trying to fly Delta this weekend:

At this point, a U.K.-based Bon Iver fan named Paul inserted himself into the discussion:

Blobtower, act more humble please, we appreciate ya. [Stereogum]