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After Tweeting About Mental Disorders and Trump, M.I.A. Says She’s Deleting Her Account

After eight years of Twitter, M.I.A. is apparently ready to call it quits. She told her followers to screenshot all they can, because she’ll be deleting her Twitter within 24 hours.

M.I.A. made the announcement after spending well over 140 characters talking about mental illness and how it relates to the Trump Administration as well as herself. She tweeted that the administration “shows signs” of mental illness because “They r pathological liers” and talked about having dyslexia. “I’m an artist,” M.I.A. said. “I’m dyslexic. Over 60% of artists are. Mental illnesses is found in artists too + creative people seek solutions through art 2.” M.I.A. also took aim at Twitter because they don’t “delete the accounts of people with mental disorder.”

Most recently, M.I.A. shared the new song “P.O.W.A.”

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