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We Researched Some Rumors About Lana Del Rey’s New Album

This week, Lana Del Rey announced her new album Lust for Life and shared a cryptic, imagery-filled trailer video. Many of those symbols and references likely won’t make sense until we hear the full record, as director Clark Jackson told Pitchfork yesterday. Of course, that hasn’t stopped the LDR rumor mill from adding a third shift. Here are a few ideas we found on fan message boards and Twitter accounts, in order of their relative credibility:

The rumor: The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) is involved.
The evidence: Del Rey registered a new song with ASCAP, listing Tesfaye as a writer (although not as a performer). The Weeknd’s XO logo appeared in the Lust for Life album trailer, and in an earlier tweet from Del Rey.

Status: Confirmed.

The rumor: Yoko Ono and/or her son Sean Lennon will appear, either as songwriter or singer.
Evidence: The logo for Chimera Music, Ono and Lennon’s label, appears in the Lust for Life album trailer video (that’s it in between the XO and the moon up top). Also, Lennon posted the trailer on his official Facebook page and hinted, “The ‘ingredients’ she puts in look very fascinating!”
Status: Not confirmed yet, but clearly a strong possibility.

The rumor: Courtney Love is involved.

The evidence: Del Rey and Love have tweeted at each other, and Love’s tweet includes a mystery hashtag that “only Lana knows.”

Status: Maybe they’re just friends. Unconfirmed.

The rumor: Singer-songwriter Børns (a.k.a. Garrett Borns) is involved.
The evidence:

Status: “: )” isn’t much to go on. Unconfirmed.

The rumor: Lust for Life was originally called Best American Record.
Evidence: A number of posts to this effect popped up in late February, when a demo of an unreleased song called “Best American Record” leaked online. There’s no hard evidence it was intended as a title track, though.
Status: We’ll probably never know.

The rumor: The album cover art is out, and it looks like this.
The evidence: This image was posted on fan forums, but it reportedly originated with an anonymous Instagram user. Plus, all of the imagery looks cut-and-pasted from the Lust for Life YouTube and Instagram trailers, and the execution is lacking.
Status: Probably fake.

The rumor: This wildly creative theory about the album trailer from

Did yall notice that Lana showed “hopeless-ness” in this world? and the city is basically a kingdom, and while there was no water in the video, a pot can hold water …….. and you know what else hold’s water? a fountain………………. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. HALSEY COLLAB IS CONFIRMED HOLY SHIT

The evidence: ???
Status: This will never happen.