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Now That He’s Exposed Donald Trump as a Russian Pawn, Moby Has Released a New Music Video

Moby has just released a new clip for his song “A Simple Love,” a track off his October album with The Void Pacific Choir, These Systems are Failing. A paean for the humane treatment of animals, the video shows a bunch of pigs at various stages of nursing and development at a branch of Farm Sanctuary, a company with animal rescue facilities in upstate New York and California. They are cute and touching images, but also definitely very funny when juxtaposed with deadly serious Moby performance clips, and later, the “Natural Blues” legend kneeling next to a pigpen to marvel at God’s creatures.

Moby is famously vegan and an animal rights activist, of course. The video’s press release includes a message from Moby: “Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s my love letter to animals and the people who love and rescue them.” One wonders if Moby’s recent attempt to bring down the government was just some smart PR for this video.

Watch below.