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Video: Maroon 5 – “Cold” ft. Future

Maroon 5 have released a music video for their new collaboration with Future, “Cold,” which premiered yesterday as Future announced his new album and tour. It’s a wild one, to be sure.

In the clip, Adam Levine–clad in a leather jacket and Wu-Tang tee–goes to a crazy rager at Future’s house, and gets his whiskey dosed with acid. Then, everything turns into a wavy, color-inverted scene from Eyes Wide Shut mixed with the club scene from The Matrix. There’s weird animal heads, a “cartoon stripper,” rotoscoped bodies, flying cars, and a tripped-out tea party. Future does his verse and then transforms into a teddy bear.

Levine–seemingly not used to severe, threesome-heavy trips like this–has to be carried out of Future’s house, but then finds a mystic underwater world after he’s thrown into the pool.

Enjoy the video below, but beware of nausea.