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In Interview With Marilyn Manson, Gucci Mane Says He Wants to Be More Like the Flaming Lips

There are plenty of quotable passages from Gucci Mane‘s new interview with his friend Marilyn Manson in CR Fashion Book.  There’s an interesting bit about how dead-set he is on ignoring the caprices of government–“If Hillary won, if Jeb Bush won, if Ben Carson won, I got the same plan: get me some money, keep putting out my music, keep just trying to be a better person than what I was”–and a few descriptions of his upcoming memoir.

But the interview’s greatest surprise is Gucci’s revelation of some of his main influences, and why he thinks he would make a “hell of a rock star.” Here’s the important section:

MM: Would you say that you want to approach doing a rap show more like a rock-and-roll show?

GM: I’ve been looking at Flaming Lips concerts and, I’m not saying I want to do it just like they did it, but I want people to feel like that when they come to my show. I just want it to be like a big party. I want people to sweat. I don’t want people to come trying to look all pretty. No, I want you to leave the concert wet as hell, like you’ve been working out for damn near an hour and a half.

MM: You want to have that chaos.

GM: If I could mix anybody, I would want to mix Jimi Hendrix, the Flaming Lips, and Liberace. I want to look like Liberace, just big diamonds, shining. But I want the production to be like the Lips. I want the crowd to feel that sweat, like Hendrix. That’s how I want it.

Given the way Wayne Coyne operates these days, it would almost be a surprise if the Lips frontman didn’t seek to capitalize on Gucci’s fandom. Perhaps Gucci Mane and His Dead Petz? Only time or Instagram will tell.

Check out the complete CR Fashion Book interview, along with a cover photo by controversial photographer Terry Richardson, here.