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Video: Arca – “Anoche”

Five years since the project’s inception, it feels strange that we’ve heard so little of the voice behind Arca. The project of Venezuelan producer Alejandro Ghersi, Arca burst through the noise with a fully-formed aesthetic language in 2015, one responsible for some of the biggest releases from Kanye, Frank Ocean, and Björk. Yet even as the project has grown into international acclaim, very little from the producer’s unaltered voice has ever made its way to releases, instead opting for noisy, pitch-shifted samples and whirling electronics over the sorts of humanistic impulses guiding the voices of collaborators.

Following announcement of his new self-titled album and the recent single “Piel,” Ghersi returns with “Anoche,” another track that strips bare the musician’s voice in quivering, fragile verses. The track comes with an accompanying video, which finds the producer in corset and lace, dancing atop frozen figures on a lifeless blackened floor. Watch the video below.