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New Music: Arca Shares “Piel,” Announces Self-Titled Album Out in April

Arca has announced a new self-titled album, the followup to 2015’s Mutants and last year’s Entrañas EP. Arca, the first XL Recordings release for the slippery electronic music composer and producer, arrives April 7.

Along with the new album announcement, Arca has shared “Piel,” the opening track, which sounds very much like the overture to a larger work. Like “Sin Rumbo,” a track released last year that will also appear on Arca, “Piel” sets delicate operatic vocals against a slowly evolving backdrop of synthesizers. Listen below, and see the Arca track list and cover art via Pitchfork after that.

Arca track list

1. “Piel”
2. “Anoche”
3. “Saunter”
4. “Urchin”
5. “Reverie”
6. “Castration”
7. “Sin Rumbo”
8. “Coraje”
9 . “Whip”
10. “Desafío”
11. “Fugaces”
12. “Miel”
13. “Child”

New Music: Arca Shares

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