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New Bizarre Poster Suggests the KLF are Reuniting

If you don’t know the KLF (also known as “The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu”) as important pioneers of hip-hop-influenced electronic music, you might have heard about their provocative antics: particularly, that time they filmed themselves burning a million pounds 23 years ago. “23” is an important number to the UK duo, as it crops up in a cryptic, collage-y, 40-minute video posted to YouTube on New Years Day and premiered in a “KLF night” in a club in Bristol, which many interpreted to hint at an imminent return for the group, who have been dormant since the 1990s.

Now, a new poster (aptly titled “2017: What the Fuck is Going On?”) spells out some of this weird “23” business, and clarifies that, indeed, the KLF is preparing for a return, while denying responsibility for the recent video. The poster was found, as The Quietus reports, while the editor of the Eastfolk Chronicle (who’s also the manager for the KLF’s Bill Drummond) was walking around in London. This is very odd stuff, to say the least.

Here it is:

New Bizarre Poster Suggests the KLF are Reuniting

The most salient information here is that the group is cooking up something new, to be unveiled something new this summer. “The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu are currently at work in their light industrial unit. This work will not be made public until the 23rd August 2017.” Aha, 23 again! Does this mean a new KLF album? Will Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty tour again, doing 23-minute sets like they did at their one-time reunion show in 1997? Are The KLF down with The Number 23? Only time holds these answers.