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Krill: “Now Is a Really Good Time to Start Being Explicitly Radical”

Boston lo-fi band Krill broke up in 2015, but today they took to Facebook to urge fans to get involved in grassroots activism. The band’s statement begins with a brief explanation of their breakup:

Why did Krill end? A lot of reasons. One was: the three of us wanted to put our energies elsewhere. We went back to school and back to work to fight for public housing, tenants rights, the labor movement. I think a lot of people who liked Krill (presumably you) liked it because it was implicitly radical—emotionally, aesthetically.

Recently, the band write, they’ve donated to anti-racist causes and made a personal effort to become directly engaged in politics (“We’ve gone to a lot fewer shows this year and a lot more organizing meetings”). Just listening to left-leaning indie bands isn’t enough to make a difference, they write: “People sell engagement in this community as inherently countercultural, oppositional, and antagonistic to power. It’s not.”

Instead, Krill suggest, “stand in solidarity with women, Muslims, immigrants, people of color, LGBTQ folks being targeted today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Join an activist anti-racist, anti-capitalist group—on your campus, in your city. … If you’re not sure if it’s the right thing for you, go and see. If you don’t know where to start, you can email us at krillfan247 at gmail dot com, and we’ll help you research it.”

Read Krill’s full message below.