Gorillaz Release Another Multimedia Story, “The Book of Russel”

Gorillaz, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s multimedia musical project, haven’t had the chance to use Twitter for their high-concept ideas—2010’s Plastic Beach dropped well before the social media platform became an essential tool. Now, though, the band is prepping a new full-length, and while we’re light on specifics—release date, title, actual songs—Gorillaz have been delivering a steady stream of Twitter content.

After unveiling a multimedia story for animated guitarist/keyboardist Noodle earlier this week, the Gorillaz Twitter account did the same for fictional drummer Russel. The new tale’s just as surreal as its predecessor: Russel grows into a giant after ingesting six tons of polluted shrimp; he ends up as a freak-show attraction in North Korea before eventually shrinking and getting a call from Gorillaz member Murdoc to reform the band. Watch the narrative below and stay tuned for updates on Gorillaz’s upcoming LP.


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