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There’s a Lot Going on in Kings of Leon’s New “Waste a Moment” Video

Kings of Leon have shared a video for “Waste a Moment,” the loud, hollow opening track from their new album WallsIt features a gaggle of cheerleaders, a weathered Western movie gunslinger type, some blindfolds, and members of the band. Oh, and flames! Where would this video be without flames? Nowhere, because “Waste a Moment” is a pastiche of so many types of filmic material—police procedural, arty high school drama, crime thriller car scene, action movie standoff—that, ultimately, it signifies nothing at all.

A dedicated film editor could maybe reorganize this collection of scenes to tell a story about a beautiful cheerleader who suddenly loses her sight to a mystery man in a bolo tie who then kidnaps Kings of Leon because they’re the only witnesses. Maybe. If there’s a knowing wink in here somewhere, I missed it. Anyway, waste a moment on “Waste a Moment” below.


[h/t CoS]