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Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam Age ‘A 1000 Times’ in New Video

Ex-Vampire Weekend composer Rostam Batmanglij and ex-Walkmen yowler Hamilton Leithauser have been busy promoting their joint project, Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam, which will soon culminate in the release of a debut album called I Had a Dream That You Were Mine. We’ve already heard two songs from the record: “A 1000 Times” and “In a Black Out.” Now, the lead single has a video. Directed by Rostam and Josh Goleman, the clip depicts Leithauser, Batmanglij & Co. performing in a gymnasium as children, themselves today, and much older men (spoiler: it’s the pair’s dads).

Rostam describes the video’s premise in a statement:

“There’s a photo hanging on the wall at Hamilton and his wife Anna’s apartment. It’s Hamilton as a teenager in a white shirt and black jeans, surrounded by three of his best friends wearing the same thing; they’re playing in a band on some sunny lawn. It looks like they might be covering ‘Louie Louie.’ I think this photo is hung at my eye level because every time I’ve been to their apartment I’ve remembered seeing it. At some point something must have clicked and inspired me to come up with this video concept— though I gotta confess originally it was meant for a different song we wrote together, one called ‘I Retired.’ Also I want to give a shout out to Josh Goleman — this is the 3rd video we’ve directed together. I think we’re on to something.”

Watch “A 1000 Times” below, and grab I Had a Dream That You Were Mine on September 23 via Glassnote.