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You’ll Want to Listen to Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam’s New Single ‘A 1000 Times’

Creating a shiny new project out of the pieces of two seasoned ones, ex-Walkmen singer Hamilton Leithauser has teamed up with ex-Vampire Weekender Rostam Batmanglij to create the duo Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam.

The pair has released a new number called “A 1000 Times” (via Glassnote), a pained, piano-driven pop track that puts Leithauser’s scratchy howl front and center.

“‘A 1000 Times’ started with a beat I made while Hamilton and I were working out of my studio in L.A.,” Rostam said in a statement. “We picked it back up in New York and finished writing it in Washington, D.C. I wanted us to do a song where the snares would crack as hard as Hamilton’s voice. To me, the song became about that interaction between the vocals and the drums.”

Listen below.