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Betty Who Hosts a Cuddle Party in ‘I Love You Always Forever’ Video

Last month, SPIN spoke to Betty Who about covering Donna Lewis’ 1996 hit single, “I Love You Always Forever.” Now, the Australian pop singer has shared an accompanying video for the track, which features her getting stripped-down and cuddly in bed with a crew of friends, many of whom share intimacies with people of the same gender — something Who was insistent on portraying.

“I think it’s important to show a familiar face to some people,” Who tells Vogue of the video. “If there’s a 14-year-old boy who’s sitting in his house in Arkansas, and he sees the ‘I Love You Always Forever’ video and sees me with a boy and a girl… Because the video isn’t particularly sexual. I think of it as more romantic. And so if there’s a young person who sees me with both a man and a woman and thinks, ‘That’s romantic love and it could be anybody,’ if it gives anybody freedom to feel something that excites them or scares them or challenges them, that’s my goal.”

Discussing the meaning of the song, Who said the track is about “loving someone unconditionally no matter what, and exploring the idea that love is unconditional no matter who you’re loving, whether it’s your dog or your mother or your best friend or boyfriend or girlfriend or husband.”

Watch her new clip for “I Love You Always Forever” below.