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SPIN at Firefly 2016: Portraits of Grouplove, Quilt, Walshy Fire, and More

Plus Fitz and the Tantrums, the Wombats, Nathaniel Rateliff, Wet, and many more

Throughout Father’s Day weekend, SPIN was on-site at the Firefly Music Festival at the Toyota Music Den, where we invited many of the fest’s best and brightest to stop by for intimate performances and portraits shot by photographer Ryan Muir. We also asked the artists for a quick quote to accompany their photos, discovering that Wet’s Kelly Zutrau once bit her sister’s cheek, Grouplove’s Hannah Hooper got life wisdom from the movie Dazed and Confused, and Nathaniel Rateliff spends way too much time watching Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Check out the photos and quotes below.

CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Grouplove

What: Colorful, indie-pop collective

Quote:Dazed and Confused told me everything I need to know about fitting in.”

Walshy Fire
CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Walshy Fire

What: One-third of electro supergroup Major Lazer

Quote: “My favorite dinner is a conch salad from Chef Creole in Miami. Sorry mom.”

CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Wet

What: Soulful Brooklyn-based trio

Quote: “One time I bit my little sister’s cheek and blamed it on the dog.” — Kelly Zutrau

Fitz and the Tantrums
CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Fitz and the Tantrums

What: Modern soul with a dash of indie pop

Quote: “If I wasn’t making music, I’d be sitting around watching There Will Be Blood all day.” — Fitz

Saint Motel
CREDIT: Ryan Muir 

Who: Saint Motel

What: Multi-hyphenate L.A. indie rock outfit

Quote: “We’re outdoors guys. We’ve almost died mountain climbing.” – A/J Jackson

CREDIT: Ryan Muir 

Who: Quilt

What: Boston-bred psych-rock band

Quote: Louie and Ren & Stimpy both changed the way I see the world.” — Anna Fox Rochinski

CREDIT: Ryan Muir 


What: Anthemic rock trio

Quote: “Bath, England is my idea of heaven.” — Lyndsey Gunnulfsen

Boy and Bear
CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Boy and Bear

What: Australian indie folk-rockers

Quote: “I could read Fantastic Mr. Fox for the rest of my life.” — Tim Hart

The Wombats
CREDIT: Ryan Muir 

Who: The Wombats

What: Liverpool indie rock trio

Quote: “I’m really into old prog records by YES and King Crimson right now.” — Tord Øverland Knudsen

Night Riots
CREDIT: Ryan Muir 

Who: Night Riots

What: Epically-charged L.A. rock quintet

Quote:Event Horizon and Jurassic Park scare the crap out of us.” — Travis Hawley

CREDIT: Ryan Muir


What: L.A.-based dance/funk duo

Quote: “I want Nile Rogers and the ghost of Bob Marley playing my house party.” — Mike Del Rio

Atlas Genius
CREDIT: Ryan Muir 

Who: Atlas Genius

What: Australian alt-pop collective

Quote: If I wasn’t making music, I’d probably be grinding coffee beans somewhere.” — Keith Jeffery

The Shelters
CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: The Shelters

What: Classic rock-tinged L.A. quartet

Quote: “All I can think about is olive tapenade on ciabatta right now.” — Sebastian Harris

Son Little
CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Son Little

What: R&B-tinged roots-rocker Aaron Livingston

Quote: “My perfect Sunday is waking up at the crack of dawn, turning on my machines and making a lot of noise.”

CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Laura Stevenson

What: Electric power-pop collective out of Brooklyn

Quote: “I’m pretty sure my Teddy Ruxpin was haunted.” — Laura Stevenson

CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Transviolet

What: Four-piece synth-rock ensemble

Quote: “We all love Steve Brule. Jackprot!” — Sarah McTaggart

Louis The Child
CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Louis the Child

What: Funky, tropical DJs/producers

Quote: “We both once jaywalked and stole a pack of gum.” — Freddy Kennett

Nathaniel Rateliff
CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Nathaniel Rateliff

What: Electric, brassy folk singer/songwriter

Quote: “My life is a lot like Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Sometimes too similar.” – Nathaniel Rateliff

CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Slaptop

What: San Francisco DJ/producer Luke Frisher

Quote: “Cracklin’ Oat Bran is OG. There’s nothing better.”

Sun Club
CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Sun Club

What: Raucous indie rock quartet

Quote: “Holy shit people came out for this!” — Mikey Powers

Jermaine Fowler
CREDIT: Ryan Muir

Who: Jermaine Fowler

What: Hilarious up-and-coming stand-up comedian and Music Den host

Quote: “The Delaware state flag should be a guy in a toll booth.”