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Watch PWR BTTM Explore an Abandoned Waterpark in ‘West Texas’

Pop-punk duo PWR BTTM visited Southern California’s abandoned Rock-A-Hoola waterpark and shared a new video for “West Texas,” a song from last year’s Ugly Cherries LP. In it, bandmates Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce sunbathe, sip drinks, and coat themselves in glitter at the Mojave Desert attraction, which closed for good in 2004.

Video director H.S. Naji told NPR, “I planned for the term ‘revisiting desolation’ to be the crux of the video. The location plays as all those broken promises, false hopes, and crushed hearts everyone experiences.”

PWR BTTM aren’t the first band to make use of the Rock-A-Hoola’s scenic vistas and desiccated palm trees: Muse used it as a backdrop in their videogame-style clip for the title track of Drones.

Watch the band jam out on instruments made of pool noodles, pink flamingos, and confetti before riding into the sunset, below.