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Rick Rubin Announces ‘Star Wars Headspace,’ a Compilation of Sounds From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Update: You can now listen to Röyksopp’s contribution, “Bounty Hunters,” which liberally samples the Rodian bounty hunter Greedo. #HanShotFirst.

Rick Rubin announced today that he’s behind a new compilation of tracks made of sound effects from the Star Wars films. This awesome, geeky, and officially sanctioned endeavor is titled Star Wars Headspace, and features tracks from Flying Lotus, Rustie, Röyksopp, Baauer, Galantis, Shlohmo, Bonobo, and more. The collection, which is being produced by Rubin, drops digitally on February 19 with a physical release on March 18 via Hollywood Records/American Recording, but Zane Lowe already premiered three tracks on his Beats 1 show. Enjoy Flying Lotus’ “R2 Where R U?,” Baauer’s “Cantina Boys,” and Rubin’s “NR-G7.”

This seems as good a time as any to remind readers that the official, canonical name for the genre of music they play in the Star Wars universe is called “Jizz.” Anyway, stream some tracks from Rubin’s compilation below along with the track list.

Rick Rubin Announces 'Star Wars Headspace,' a Compilation of Sounds From a Galaxy Far, Far Away