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Kurt Cobain’s Ex-Girlfriend Bashes Courtney Love in New Facebook Posts

Kurt Cobain’s ex-girlfriend (and singer-songwriter in her own right) Mary Lou Lord — who he dated before becoming romantically involved with Courtney Love — has written two lengthy Facebook posts about Love, calling her a “cunt” and “the best LIAR and actress in the world.”

“To Courtney and her sycophants and lemmings…,” Lord begins in her first post, dated January 31. “I will not go down without a f**king fight to set the record straight with that cunt. I honestly mean that. I HATE her, and why didn’t I say anything back then? I was too scared. And also, out of respect for Kurt’s daughter who was a child.”

She continues:

But now, it appears that time did what it was meant to do, and Courtney love does not have the respect, trust, or power she once had ANd therefore, I am no longer fearful. But at one time, during the time I never said a word out of fear of a flame war with all her Courtney-tard followers. I just sat, silentely [sic], and watched her lie about me (and everything and everyone else. She built her world, and manipulated other people’s lives by being the best LIAR and best actress in the world. Something that twisted and fucked with a lot of good people. …I know at this point, I really am far too old for this shit, but I know also, that even in my own small (and not famous or plastic life), I have just as much right to say NOW what I wanted to say then, but was too afraid of her, and her insanity, and in protecting my parents and loved ones. (she WAS that BAT SHIT)…..but now, I am fearless of that cunt, and I will say exactly what I thought of her back then.

Lord’s second status about Love and Cobain — published 16 hours ago — is much, much longer than the first. Here’s just some of it:

I have a certain rage, and it’s now coming out. I’m not jealous at all of her though (ironically), omg, how could you be? she is SO loathed and hated. The karmic kick back with that woman is insane. I don’t feel at all sorry for her either. (How the fuck could you)? ….Back in the day, She had ALL the power. But she is not taken seriously now. People for the most part, know more about her. Even the young women and men who were her biggest fans. Many of them turned against her once they knew more about her. They grew up. She had a field day back when the internet was new and all the lies she would spread about me. She told people I killed her cat.

Read both posts in their entirety below (via Alt Press):

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