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Deadmau5 Claims to Have Snuck Out of a Hospital So He Could Play a Show

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor a severe lymph node infection can stop Deadmau5 from playing a scheduled gig. The helmeted EDM star claims to have “literally snuck out of” a hospital on Thursday night so that he could play a Red Bull event in Miami. “Hopped on a jet, played a show for Red Bull, getting back on jet. Going back to hospital. Such lols,” he summarized on Twitter.

The hospitalization was “nothing serious,” he said. “Thyroid/lymph node s**t. Caused by some underlying thing that may or may not exist. All good.”

Still, Deadmau5, sneaking out of a hospital is dangerous. If you keep ignoring doctors orders, your morbid moniker might just become literal.


so my lymph nodes have swollen up to about the size of golf balls. so much for sleeping tonight :/


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yay! steroids! l… I guess it’s to help the swelling? MAYBE I’LL GET SWOL. am not kill. no worries


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