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Five Easy Rockstar Halloween Costume DIYs, Inspired by Voodoo Fest

Despite the fact that we have an entire year to figure out a Halloween costume, the holiday still creeps up on us. Most people don’t even start thinking about outfit ideas until about a week before October 31 rolls around (which, yes, is right about now). But even if you haven’t gotten your sh*t together yet, there’s no need to freak out – because Voodoo Fest makes it easy to pull together a memorable outfit, even down to the wire. Not only does the annual New Orleans music festival happen over Halloween weekend, but this year’s lineup is also filled with plenty of easy (read: lazy) musical costume inspiration. From Ozzy Osbourne’s heavy metal goth to Florence Welch’s head-to-toe bohemian vibes, we’ve found five costume ideas to get into the Halloween spirit. Even better? You can make them yourself using stuff from your own closet, your local party supply store, and even your own pantry. You might think DIY is only for people with Pinterest boards and an ample amount of spare time, but making a killer costume is simpler than you think. Check out our inspiration below, and then get to work.

Ozzy Osbourne

Five Easy Rockstar Halloween Costume DIYs, Inspired by Voodoo Fest

Channeling the Prince of Darkness might be an obvious Halloween move, but that also means it’s a good one. After all, the 66-year-old can still pull off dark nail polish, head-to-toe black, and his famous O-Z-Z-Y knuckle tattoos just as well now as he did back in the Black Sabbath days. Bonus: the DIY factor of this outfit is minimal, since you just need to grab a bunch of black clothes from your closet, some round sunglasses, and gold jewelry. Guys can opt for a wig to replicate Ozzy’s long scraggly black hair, but girls have it even easier – just skip the shampoo, and whatever you do, don’t even think about touching a hairbrush. Slap on some sunglasses and a maniacal smile, and then head out the door.

What You Need:

Black pants

Black shirt

Black shoes

Round sunglasses

Gold chain necklaces

Converse sneakers or black boots

Black wig

Black nail polish

Sharpie to illustrate Ozzy Osbourne’s signature tattoos

Funyuns jewelry, in case you get hungry (it’s going to be a long night).

Cardboard, scissors, black tape


  • First, the easiest part: Get dressed.
  • Once you’ve decked yourself out in head-to-toe Prince of Darkness-approved pieces, time to accessorize. Grab as many gold bracelets and necklaces as you can find and pile them on. Bonus points for crosses, bats, etc.
  • Using the marker, write O-Z-Z-Y on your left knuckles.
  • Put on the black nail polish (bonus points if you already put it on, so it’s chipped).
  • If you’re wearing a wig, now’s the time to apply it. Make sure it looks good and messy.
  • Finish off the look with round sunglasses.
  • Draw a bat on your cardboard, cut it out, cover it with tape. Fight the urge to bite its head off because cardboard is gross. If you can’t control yourself, eat one of your Funyuns bracelets instead.


Five Easy Rockstar Halloween Costume DIYs, Inspired by Voodoo Fest

With a 30-plus year career performing with bands like Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash’s Snakepit, and more, the English guitarist Slash has had plenty of time to perfect his signature look. Although plenty of rockstar icons can claim pieces like tight black pants, band tee, combat boots, and leather jacket as their own, all you need is a curly wig and top hat to make yourself truly stand out as Slash. It’s arguably one of the easiest outfits you can find, but it’s still interesting enough to prevent annoying costume confusion (you don’t want anyone mistaking you for Kid Rock). A cigarette, bottle of whiskey and blow-up (or real if you’re ambitious) guitar are optional accessories, all highly recommended. How else are you supposed to shred “Welcome to the Jungle”?

What You Need:

Black pants

Vintage band T-shirt

Leather jacket

Black boots

Black hat

Aviator sunglasses

Inflatable guitar

Black curly wig



  • After getting dressed, put on the wig and your top hat.
  • Finish things off with Slash’s sunglasses, cigarette, and pursed lips.


Five Easy Rockstar Halloween Costume DIYs, Inspired by Voodoo Fest

Skrillex will forever be a classic Halloween costume (after all, the guy’s look is nothing if not consistent). But, this year is the perfect time to take things a step further by channeling the DJ’s EDM side project, Jack Ü. After all, Skrillex and his bandmate Diplo’s recent collab with Justin Bieber, “Where Have U Been,” is still currently everywhere, so now’s your chance to bring back Skrillex’s black specs and half-shave hairdo. Pair them with a logo T-shirt, black jeans, and sneakers, and that’s it! The result is a costume that’s a 2012 throwback in all of the best ways possible. Have an extra hot blonde friend who’s still looking for a costume? Bring him or her along as Diplo, and then you’re good to go.

What You Need:

Black jeans

Adidas T-shirt

Dirty Vans, Nike, or Converse sneakers

Thick clear-lensed glasses

Funyuns earrings to showcase Skrillex’s gauges


Black wig that’s parted to the side, with the side parted piece tucked behind (because the real half-shave needs to stay in 2012 )

Bobbi pins


  • After getting dressed, you’ll need to nail the half-shaved hairdo. The best way to do this (whether with a wig or your real hair) is with a deep side part.
  • Use a comb to part your hair right where you head tends to round at the top.
  • Bring the rest of the hair to the other side, and spray it with hairspray.
  • Using Bobbi pins, take the half-shave portions the half-shave portion, twist sections and secure tightly to the side of the head.
  • Cover the pins with hair from the back of the head.


Five Easy Rockstar Halloween Costume DIYs, Inspired by Voodoo Fest

When you have an opportunity to walk around in a giant mouse head, you better take it. This is the philosophy that Canadian producer Joel Zimmerman (AKA Deadmau5) has been living by for years, and judging from his massive musical success, it’s been working out OK for him. The Deadmau5 helmet has seen a few makeovers over the years, whether it’s in color palette (usually red or black), LED lights, or screens. But despite these updates, the mouse head’s main features – which include big bulgy eyes and a giant grin – have remained the same. While the headpiece itself requires some planning, the rest of his outfit is simple. Warning: Wearing a giant mouse head all night long requires a not-very-crowded bar so as not to crash into everyone. We suggest making your plans accordingly.

What You Need:

Black T-shirt



Chain wallet (made of Funyuns, because Deadmau5 would appreciate that)


12” round paper lantern

Thick cardboard for ears

Paper or light cardboard for mouth

Red or black paint


Black electrician’s tape

Clear packing tape

Styrofoam ball, cut in half


  • With a headpiece like this one, it’s best plan in advance.
  • First, cut the thick cardboard into large ear shapes.
  • Cut the paper or lightweight cardboard into a large Deadmau5 smile, measuring against the lantern for scale.
  • Paint the ears and lantern red or black.
  • Paint the mouth black for a black head, or white if you’re doing a red head. Let dry.
  • Cut the metal piece around the lantern opening and remove. Use the wire cutter to make a larger lantern opening so your head can fit through it.
  • Fold the bottom of the ears so that they’re upright, then use clear packing tape to secure them to the top of the headpiece.
  • Cut small x’s in the Styrofoam ball halves so you can see.
  • Tape down the Styrofoam ball halves for the eyes with the electrician’s tape (using Superglue also works).

Florence Welch

Five Easy Rockstar Halloween Costume DIYs, Inspired by Voodoo Fest

She has flame red hair, a wildly experimental personal style, and a voice that fills stadiums – clearly, Florence Welch isn’t really into subtlety. Over the years, the singer has incorporated her traffic-stopping wardrobe of vintage floor-length gowns, gigantic printed capes, and patterned pantsuits into her live performances, and she pulls them off perfectly. While these pieces might be OK for Flo in real life, they also make a great Halloween go-to for normals (i.e. everyone else). The dog days might be over, but now’s the perfect time to go all-out with a bright red wig, a long floral dress, and a huge cape.

What You Need:

Bright red wig (if you’re not graced with naturally flame-like locks)

Toy microphone

Long floral dress

Ivory powder makeup


  • After getting dressed, secure the wig.
  • Then, apply a liberal dusting of ivory powder makeup on your face to fake Florence Welch’s porcelain complexion.
  • Throw on a large cape, shawl, or printed sheet you have laying around for an extra effect.
  • Grab your mic and go.

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