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Lil B Discusses Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter on CNN

Lil B and CNN host Brooke Baldwin

Fresh off his new collaboration with Chance the Rapper, influential/uncategorizable icon Lil B appeared on CNN yesterday to speak about, of all things, his track “Bitch, I’m Bill Clinton,” and his switch from endorsing Hillary Clinton to rival Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders (who follows him on Twitter). Bewildered host Brooke Baldwin hilariously introduced her guest by pointing out he “doesn’t have a record deal” despite his millions of followers. Lil B discusses Sanders marching for civil rights in the 1960s and his current advocacy for free education.

Baldwin also asked the rapper born Brandon McCartney about the Black Lives Matter movement interrupting Sanders’ recent rallies, and Lil B replied, “I think he handled it very classy.” B himself admitted his past failings: “I tend to turn the cheek on black violence because it’s been normalized to me, and I feel horrible about that.”

As for his current thoughts on Hillary Clinton, he said, “Bill Clinton I love so much, I support Hillary on top.” Responding to Baldwin’s somewhat bizarre final query, “Is Hillary cursed?” he responded that no, she is not.

Sanders himself tweeted his support for the ever-so-Based God, and would be a likely fan of his song “No Black Person Is Ugly.”

You can watch the entire CNN segment below, courtesy of WorldStarHipHop.