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Drake, Kanye West, and Will Smith All LOL’d at Meek Mill Memes Together

Here is a video that sums up what the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef is starting to feel like:
Drizzy continued his unrelenting retaliation against his Philadelphia-based rival for accusing him of employing a ghost writer two weeks ago by laying into Mill at OVO Fest. Drake wore a “Free Meek Mill” shirt during his performance, and projected memes making fun of Mill behind him during his set, including a mock participation award for Mill’s diss track and Whataburger’s scathing tweet.

After the set, Drake was hanging out backstage with Kanye West and Will Smith, laughing uproariously at Meek Mill Memes. That’s right — even the famously sullen Mr. West was LOLing at Mill’s expense.

Meek Mill has not tweeted since July 29. SPIN will continue to cover this epic beef until the sun explodes.