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Bikini Kill Share Scuzzy, Previously Unreleased 1991 Song, ‘Playground’

It'll appear on the band's forthcoming 'Revolution Girl Style Now' reissue, out on September 22

Shortly after announcing the rerelease of their very first cassette tape, 1991’s Revolution Girl Style Now, Bikini Kill have unveiled one of the three previously unreleased tracks to be included on the upcoming reissue.

Streaming via Rolling Stone, the fuzzy, earnestly lo-fi “Playground” is a slow-to-fast punk-rock trudge with Kathleen Hanna’s signature yowl (“You’re not invited to my party anymore!”) leading the charge.

“I definitely think feminism is more relevant than ever, and riot grrrl was an offshoot of feminism that was independent, punk rock, DIY,” Hanna told the magazine of the band’s feminist legacy. “But I don’t like the idea of it being fetishized or historicized in a way that leaves out the flaws. I don’t like the idea of having the same mistakes repeated. Those kinds of things, it’s nice to be acknowledged, but the sincerest form of flattery is being copied in a better way, you know what I mean?”

Listen over at Rolling Stone, and look out for the Revolution Girl Style Now reissue on September 22 via Bikini Kill Records.

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