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Youth Lagoon Shares Rapturous ‘Savage Hills Ballroom’ Single, ‘The Knower’

Idaho-born songwriter Trevor Powers’ Youth Lagoon project has issued its fair share of creaky and quiet ballads over the past half-decade. But in September, the man returns again with another record, called Savage Hills Ballroom, and if lead single “The Knower” is any indication, this one’s a little different. Starting with hushed electric piano that calls to mind his earliest work, Powers then pirouettes through the ecstatic production he brought in on Wondrous Bughouse before bringing in regal trumpet blasts and drum machine judders that’d make even Richard D. James crack a smile. The spirits the same, but Powers is in a whole different orbit from those earthbound bedroom recordings on The Year of Hibernation.

Listen here (via NPR) before Savage Hills Ballroom‘s September 25 release on Fat Possum.