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Global Music Release Day Switches to Fridays on July 10

After months of speculation about the record industry shifting the global album and single release date to Fridays, Billboard reports that the change will officially take effect on July 10, certainly changing the way listeners will consume music.

As it currently stands, each country seems to have its own regulations about music release dates — France and the U.K. usually put things for sale on Mondays, whereas it’s Tuesdays in the U.S. and Fridays in Australia. According to a statement by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry:

The move will mean fans can now get new music on the same day worldwide rather than having to wait for their own national release day. It puts an end to fans being unable to access music in their own country when it is legally available elsewhere, and the frustration that can cause…

The preparations for the switchover to “New Music Fridays” have involved record companies, distributors and retailers working together to reconfigure their supply chains and marketing practices. At the same time, music charts in some countries are changing so that they align with the new international release day. The move to “New Music Fridays” will take place in more than 45 recorded music markets worldwide. Of these, 11 countries currently release music on Fridays, while the others will switch the day that new albums and singles become available.

“This was done primarily for the consumer” Frances Moore, CEO of the IFPI, told Billboard. “Consumers were telling us via different pieces of research done across many countries that Fridays and Saturdays was when they wanted new music and that’s what has led this campaign. We’re hoping that with more consumers in stores on Fridays and Saturdays, which stores tell us leads to increase impulse buying, and with peak activity on most social media [typically taking place over the weekend], will all lead to an increase in sales.”

To further explain the change, there’s a just-launched website called New Music Fridays, with a handy FAQ section that outlines the July 10 switch.